The most popular Figma plugins of the week

1. Unsplash


Insert beautiful images from Unsplash straight into your designs.

The Unsplash License allows images to be used freely for both commercial and personal projects.

Learn more about Unsplash at

2. Iconify


Import Material Design Icons, FontAwesome, Jam Icons, EmojiOne, Twitter Emoji and many other icons (more than 60 icon sets containing over 50,000 icons) to Figma document as vector shapes.

3. Material Design Icons


Instant easy access to the entire Material Design Icons library.

27,000 new icons, available in PNG and SVG.

Search icons by name or scroll through the entire list. Filter by category, change style and size, and choose between different styles: filled, outlined, rounded, etc.

4. Content Reel


Design layouts more efficiently by pulling text strings, images, and icons from one palette. Content Reel lets you create custom content and share it with other Figma users. Collaboration has never been easier!


Browse or search content to find published collections of text strings, images, and icons. Having trouble finding what you need from existing content? You can create your own text and image content by using Add.


Create text categories and populate them with your own text strings. You can also upload up to 20 PNGs or JPEGs to create image content. As a creator, you may choose to share it publicly or keep it private. When you create content, it is automatically pinned to Home Screen for quick access (signed-in users only).

Customize Your Home screen:

Optimize your workflow by pinning the content that you use most to your home screen. Apply 1-click access to any content type with the switch of a toggle (signed-in users only). Drag and drop items on your home screen to suit your preferences.

5. Lorem Ipsum


Generate ‘Lorem ipsum’ to fill your text layers with dummy text.

Select all the text layers you want to generate ‘Lorem ipsum’ for then click ‘Generate’ — it will generate for each layer uniquely.

‘Auto-generate’ will automatically fill the selected layers with the perfectly amount of ‘Lorem ipsum’ to fit their existing frame.

6. Autoflow


Autoflow makes it easy to draw flows. Simply select 2 objects and a line will be magically drawn between them.

7. Figmotion


Figmotion is an animation tool built right in Figma. This makes the entry into animation easier and more convenient as there is no need to switch to a completely separate motion tool such as Principle, Haiku or After Effects. Figmotion makes the animation hand-off to developers more manageable as well as it is built with web technologies in mind.

8. Vectary 3D Elements


Vectary 3D plugin for Figma is adding the missing third dimension to your 2D designs. Place your Figma design into a predefined 3D mockup or your custom 3D element. Set your desired perspective in 3D and place the result into the scene with one click.

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